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Kimber & Martin

Dies ist ein Screenshot vom original marinegirl photoblog.

We went to the train museum and then the kids took a trip on a real train to a little tiny station that didn’t even have a platform. There they were able to see the train station controls that were built in 1902 and still remain in use. Just thought you should know.
traintrain station
The kids picked and ate blueberries behind the house. There’s nothing like having blue kids!

picking blueberries

We picked and ate my in-laws’ peas. Oh how yummy they were!

pea pods

The kids rode on the neighbor’s tractor.

tractor ride

We played mini golf. All of us.

mini golfmini golf

Alexander drove the car. He said he just wanted to put the windows down.
Alexander drove our car

The men fixed it. Yeah!

fixed car

We climbed through a rock labyrinth. Felsenlabyrinth


Alexander found a new friend.

new friend

Wir waren im Dampflochmuseum.

traintrain station
Die Kinder haben Blaubeeren geflucht.
picking blueberries

Wir haben Erbsen gegessen.pea pods

Die Kinder sind mit dem Traktor gefahren.

tractor ride

Wir haben Mini Golf gespielt.

mini golfmini golf

Alexander ist mit dem Auto gefahren.
Alexander drove our car

Wir haben es repariert.
fixed car

Wir waren in dem Felsenlabyrinth.


Alexander hat einen neuen Freund.

new friend

We’ve sent our first tooth to the tooth fairy.


We’ve also been making bridges.


Just for fun.

Unser erster Zahn ist bei der Zahnfee.


Und wir haben eine Brücke gebaut.


Aus Spaß an der Freude.

Ich muss sagen, es war ein wunderbarer Urlaub!
Die Kinder spielten schön miteinander und es machte viel Spaß gemeinsam zu kochen oder einfach nur zu quatschen.
Martins Familie wohnt in einem alten Fortshaus am Waldrand und es ist ein herrlicher Ort. Es befindet sich ein kleiner Teich auf dem Grundstück der zugefroren war. Also versuchten wir uns im Schlittschulaufen. Für die Kinder war es noch etwas zu früh aber sie hatten trotzdem viel Spaß. Nach ein paar Minuten lief es ganz gut und ich hatte eine Menge Spaß auf dem Eis. Dann gibt es auch noch einen kleinen Hügel im Garten, der perfekt zum Rodeln geeignet ist. Alexander mochte den Schlitten mit den Bremsen – na typisch*.
Alida skating Alexander skating sled
Alexander und ich waren jeden Tag skifahren. Sehr zu meiner Freude erklärte er mir, dass skifahren sein neuer Lieblingssport sei. Der erste Tag war noch recht anstrengend mit ihm. Er ist ein recht ängstliches Kind, aber nach etwa einer Stunde fuhr er bereit ganz allein.
Martin kam einen Tag auch mit auf die Piste. Alexander beobachtete wie ich Martin ein wenig unterrichtete und machte auch gleich mit – so gut wie es ein vierjähriger eben kann. Sogar heute früh vor der Abreise waren wir noch mal auf dem Berg und machten 10 Abfahrten.
Ich bin sooo stolz auf ihn!! Merkt man’s? Ich habe ca. 50 Bilder von ihm auf Skiern aber ich dachte mir ich verschone euch und zeige nur diese paar hier. Schaut euch nur diesen kleinen Michelin Mann auf Skiern an!
Alexander skiing Alexander skiing Alexander skiing lift Alexander skiing
Nachdem Martin und Alida am ersten Tag rodeln waren, sahen sie uns beim Skifahren zu. Alida beharrte darauf auch skifahren zu wollen, aber sie einfach noch zu jung. Wir werden sie erst im nächsten Jahr ‘foltern’. Hihi
* Hab ich schon geschrieben was Alexander wirklich faszinierte? Die Zahlen am Schlepplift und die Mechanik des Lifts selbst. Hab ich schon mal erwähnt, dass Alexander alles technische mag sowie alles was mit Zahlen zu tun hat? Wir waren auf zwei Abfahrten und er wusste jedesmal die Nummer des Ankerlifts der uns den Berg hochzog. Dieses Bild ist für ihn.

I have to say it really was a fabulous vacation!
The kids played really well together and it was a lot of fun making dinner with everyone and just chatting. Martin’s family lives in an old forester’s house on the edge of the forest and it’s a gorgeous place. There is a little pond on the property that was frozen over, so we decided to try our hand at ice skating. For the kids it was a bit too early to try skating but they had fun anyway. After a few minutes I had my skating legs going and was having a great time. We also had a small hill in the back yard that’s perfect for sledding. Alexander liked the sled with the brakes-typical *.
Alida skating Alexander skating sled

Alexander and I went skiing every day, and much to my excitement, he told me he’s found his new favorite sport. I’m so excited. The first day was tough with him, he’s a very scared kind of kid, but after about an hour he was on his own, doing everything really well.
Martin went skiing with us for a day and after watching me teach him a bit, Alexander started doing the same things. Yesterday he started paralleling-as well as a 4-year-old can. We even went skiing in the morning for two hours before we left, so we could get 10 more runs in.
I’m just so proud!! Can you tell? I have about 50 more pictures of him skiing but I thought I’d give you all a break and just show you these. Look at that little Michelin Man on skis!
Alexander skiing Alexander skiing Alexander skiing lift Alexander skiing

After Martin and Alida went sledding on the first day, they sat for a while to watch us ski. Alida kept telling us she wanted to ski too, but we decided she’s not quite ready to start skiing yet, so we’ll be torturing her next year. Hehe

* Have I told you what really intrigued Alexander? The numbers on the T-bar lift and the mechanics of the lift itself. Have I mentioned that Alexander loves anything technical and anything that has to do with numbers? We went to two slopes and he knew the number of the T-bar every time we went up. This picture is for him.

ski lift

The tension on my sewing machine has been giving me trouble since I bought it a year ago, which means I’ve been to the store where I bought it at least a dozen times since then. Last week when it started acting up again, the owner of the store told me to come in and sew which would enable him to see exactly what the machine was doing.
What do you think I did when I heard that? Without any further hesitation, I had Martin take the kids and I trotted, with my serger and supplies tucked safely in my bike trailer, down to my sewing store where I sat from 10 am to 4 pm and sewed. As you can imagine, I was in sewer-geek heaven. The owner of the store, and a woman who works there, were both around to help me and give me lots and lots of tips. I also learned a lot from just listening to how they dealt with customers and the tips they gave them. Does it get any better than that??
My machine acted just like a little kid-perfect in front of strangers. “Oh what an angel she is” and then when you get home they start throwing a huge tantrum. I went home with a very well-behaved machine, and I hope she keeps acting so well-behaved otherwise she’s getting another time-out!!
I’m planning on making some leather slippers after Christmas, so we’ll see how well my machine works with me on this.
These are the Baby Born clothes I finished while I was there. This doll has better clothes than I do!
I would like to show you one more fun little gadget I finally finished last night. This is a row counter which you can use when increasing rows. I got the idea from String or nothing and also found one at Knit Picks here. You start at the green end which means go, in my case the leaf. Then every two rows, or every knit row, it is moved to the next ring in the direction of red, which means stop, in my case the flower. Here is my version of the row counter.
I don’t really like how the flower turned out but it’s a good start. I’m trying to figure out what I could use other than a chain because the chain links don’t fit on my bigger needles and I would like to use these for everything I knit. Any ideas?? Of course, one of these went into my mom’s package this morning which was then sent off. It should get there in time for your birthday, mom!!
Mom, here are the ornaments the kids picked out this year. You see, every year we go to the Christmas Market with the kids and they each pick out their own ornament for the tree, I kind of guide them to the good ones, and then we write their name and date on them. When they are older and have families they can take their ornaments for their own trees. These are little wooden ornaments from Käthe Wohlfahrt and I love them. Last year my parents came to visit and I think my mom and I went to the Market every day at least once, which was so much fun! Next year my parents are coming again and we are going to do those markets again, you can count on it!
Alexander picked out the airplane and Alida the teddies on the sled.
This is the book that Chris, my sister-in-law, sent in her package that we all just love. It is so funny!! Thank you again, Chris, for being so very thoughtful-thank you from all of us! Tomorrow we are making Santa pancakes.
I wish we could have been there for Conrad’s birthday party yesterday. I heard the sailboat cupcakes were soooo cute. Also in Conrad’s face. You need a blog, babe.

I apologize to all of you who have written comments in the last few days. I have not been able to find the time to answer right now, I’ve been quite busy, as you can imagine. Thank you all for writing!!!

Two days ago Christina came over with her two kids to exchange gifts and I think I made out the best of anyone! This is what she made me:
Isn’t that bag fabulous?? I need a new bag, you know. Next to it is a book about crocheting so I can finally learn. Too cool. Thanks so much, Christina!!

Another great gift came this afternoon. Chris, my sister-in-law, sent me a huge and heavy package which was partly full of this:
This is full of great Christmas stuff that really makes me miss America. There were also two more big, heavy gifts to be unwrapped at Christmas for the kids. Thanks soooooo much, Chris! She even snuck in a knitting magazine for me, how well does she know me? Now, I’ve got to get back to that half-eaten package of peanut butter Hershey Kisses that have been strategically hidden in the kitchen.

I was attacked about 6 weeks ago. By bacteria. Very mean bacteria that immediately invaded my lungs not allowing for any fun such as knitting, sewing or jogging. 1-0 for the bacteria.

After a few days of fever and heavy coughing, I fought back with antibiotics. Mean antibiotics that immediately caused a rash almost all over my body and made me itch and itch. I let them go free. 2-0 for the bacteria. (At this point my idiot doctor gave me the flu shot after proclaiming my lungs sounded fine-hey I should be vaccinated I do have a touch of asthma she said)

A week later I fought back with even heavier coughing and a cortisone spray, partly because breathing was not possible and I thought breathing was sort of necessary to sustain life as I once knew it. 1-2 me!

3 weeks later those mean bacteria had left, or at least had hidden in the far depths of my lungs, only to have quadrupled in size. This expansion reached my sinuses causing dreadful pain in my teeth. 3-1 for the bacteria. Coughing continued.

After several Advil Cold and Sinuses and a week of “when is this ever going away?” I went to the doctor to literally beg for a different antibiotic. He, in turn, did not like the idea of a normal person not wearing a white doctor apron telling him what to do, and promptly referred me to a ear, nose and throat doctor. Patiently I waited another day to get an apointment. Then this new wonderful doctor, after hearing my long story, without hesitation, wrote me a prescription for a new antibiotic and a fabulous drug to clear out my sinuses and stop my teeth pain. 20,000-3 for me.

I think we have a winner here!!! I feel good for the first time in 6 weeks and my coughing has ceased, well almost. Thank you, doctor, thank you!

(I won’t go into the story about the doctor’s wife I was forced to go to at the beginning, who is also a doctor, or at least she claims it, and who yelled at me because I had gotten the wrong antibiotic in the hospital. How could I go there in the first place, she wanted to know? Well, lady, if you had been open at the time-Wednesday afternoon around 4! I wouldn’t have had to. She then yelled at Alida because she was moving a chair and making a lot of noise which made Alida cry. She was the one that said my lungs sounded fine and gave me the flu vaccination. Her husband is the one who would not give me the prescription at the end. I think he and his wife are…for the birds!! Because I’d like to keep my blog swear-free.)

Christmas is coming and Alexander wants me to write my wish list. So far I have knitting and sewing time, and a handmade book with a flower in it (this is what he asked if I wanted-makes me wonder what they are doing in preschool). I’d also love a new knitting book, and because I have to order it online, I can’t thumb through it to see what I like the best, I’m relying on all of you to help me out. I’ve narrowed my list down to two books and can’t decide which one’s better. Please vote and let me know what you think.

Thank you, to all of you who have pinned my map, but there are so many holes! Please pin me!
Check out our Frappr!
I sure am demanding, aren’t I? And you thought you were here to read.

Sick update: Those mean bacteria have settled nicely in my lungs not allowing me to breath and leaving me to cough uncontrollably for literally hours at a time. I went to the doctor on Monday and he gave me a killer spray with quite a bit more asthma medicine as my normal spray and cortisone to get rid of those mean monsters that have taken up residency in my lungs.
It’s now Wednesday and I’m not coughing as much which translates to: I’ve started knitting and crafting again. It’s so strange, the whole time I was sick I couldn’t lift a needle to knit. I could only read, which is good because I’ve finished Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and almost done with Annie Modesitt’s Cheaper than Therapy, but also bad because my knitting and sewing has been neglected for over two weeks. We are talking serious withdrawal symptoms! I knew I was feeling better as soon as the urge hit me to start knitting and crafting again, and although I started two days ago, I haven’t much to show for it. My next post should have some goodies to show, I hope.
If anyone can tell me how to make a darn French knot, I would be most appreciative. For some reason every time I pull the thread through the fabric after twisting it on itself, it pulls right out and I’m left without any kind of knot, just a stitch. Hmmm
Speaking of embroidery and because I haven’t shown anything really crafty in the past month, I thought I’d post a picture of two dolls I made for Alida last year.
The girl in the blue dress is a free pattern from Dolly Hugs which is a really cute pattern. I made the dress myself but never got around to making the pattern for it. I wasn’t quite sure about embroidering the face, but I think she turned out really well. The second doll is from the book Kuschelpüppchen für die Kleinen which is in German but I’m sure you can get it in English, too.
One last thing: I’m trying to put together a list for Santa. Alexander recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and after saying I just got my new washing machine, which is essentially my present, he wasn’t too pleased with my answer. Now I’m writing my list and I need your help. I’d like a new knitting book but I don’t know which one to get. I can’t get my hands on any of the good English ones in any stores here, so I’m going through amazon.de. This is where you come in; could you please tell me which knitting book is your favorite of all times or if you could only buy one book, which would it be. Seeing that money is tight, I’m allowing myself only one book and I would love a really good one. Thanks for your help!!! While you’re at it could you sign my Frappr map, too? Check out our Frappr!

Update: I forgot to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! I bought our frozen turkey today so it can dethaw by Saturday. Obviously, it’s not a holiday here, so I have to wait until Saturday to cook and eat our Thanksgiving turkey. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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