Guess what I did today.
I went to my sewing machine store. Sound boring? Wait, it gets better. Last year I bought a new Pfaff queen-of-all-queens Quilt Expressions sewing machine (yes, I sold my left arm for this baby), and because I’ve had a few problems with him during the year the repair man felt sorry for me and fixed my serger for free. He just had to tighten a screw or two and my baby was off and sewing!!! I could have hugged him right there. Had to control myself. Oh, by the way, those were two pictures of my serger in the last post if you hadn’t figured that one out by now. Of course you know what I did next, don’t you? Of course you do, I went home and finished my first toile bag. I had started him yesterday, so today I just had to put in the zipper gusset using my serger for clean edges. Oh how I love this machine. I’m very easy to please, you see. I made this little bag almost the same size as my hipster except he has a long I-can-wear-it-around-my-body strap. I copied the zipper gusset from my L.L.Bean boat bag which I use as my knitting bag. Too cool.
Here is the bag before the serger and…toile bag
after, not that you can tell I used it. Hey, I know I used it! Toile Bag

How about some more corset details?
As you can see I’m sewing the ribbing together for the good of mankind otherwise there would be no coverage in the front, the gapping would expose too much for anyone to handle.


I’ve finally figured out how to put my pattern in pdf. format and how to upload it so you can download it. Is that all correct? Anyhow, just click on the picture under My free patterns on the sidebar, if you’re interested in the directions. If you do use it, let me know what you think.

It’s hard to knit and sew without a left arm!!!