Pre-blog era

I brought the Halloween box up from the basement and the kids have successfully taken everything out of it to decorate the hallway. Once they had covered the floor with bats and bugs they promptly began taking the costumes out to try on and wear today. This made me want to take pictures to show a few of the costumes I’ve made for years past.
Blue and pigblue and pig
These were the costumes Martin and I wore last year. He was Blue from Blue’s Clues and I was a pig (how fitting!). Of course we each wore sweat suits in the appropriate color and our faces were painted.
cow and Clifford
Here we have a cow and Clifford. As you can see the cow outfit doesn’t fit anymore but that was the only costume I didn’t make so it’s acceptable. I try to make things that will be able to be used for a while; the kids are really beginning to enjoy dressing up. We have several more costumes but at this point the kids are very content playing cow and Clifford, so maybe that’ll be another day. There is plenty of barking going on in the hallway.
Well, I’m off to find some grass for the cow and some dog food for Clifford. Do you think he’ll eat cat food seeing that this is a two-cat household and dog food is hard to come by?

I don’t have much to show right now because my knitting has been put on hold to make room for the sewing that’s been taking over my living room. An extra machine in there really does make a big difference space wise. I can’t show anything that I’ve been sewing because it’s all for Halloween and should be kept a secret until then. For now a small dark sneak preview, just to get your interest perked. Halloween
Remember this is Halloween, no bright cheery pictures… yet.
Until I have more to show, I thought I’d share some things I made in my pre-blog era. Gosh, it’s hard to believe there was a pre-blog era.
Last year at this time Alexander was totally enthralled with Clifford the Big Red dog and even dressed as him for Halloween. I’ll have to find those costume pieces and take pictures of them. The Great Kimberly Computer Crash of ’04 took all of the existing pictures with it. NO, back then Kim was not smart enough to make a back-up which she now does daily. What do they say, you learn from your mistakes? Dumb rule, why can’t it be you learn before you make the mistake?? Anyway, we had some Clifford fabric which I didn’t know what to do with, so one day it hit me that he needed a Clifford pyjama bag. Well, that’s what he got. I designed it myself for lack of a good pattern and he and I are so very happy with the result. The bag underneath Clifford has a big slit where he can slip in his pyjamas. The good thing is, he has the responsibility every morning to put his pyjamas in Clifford which is so good for him. I fish them out every other day to wash them but at least he’s done his part. Pretty useful is Clifford at our house. Click for big.
Back to sewing!