right hand
Yes, this is fingerless, or should I say the first one of two. I’m so proud of it. After looking everywhere for a good and easy pattern for a glove without fingers I decided to make one up myself and look at that, it fits and looks good. Miracles do happen. I love it. Did you think I could knit something without a beloved cable? No way. I’ve written everything down and I’m coming along with the left hand, so let me know if you want the pattern and I’ll try to write it up. Does anyone know how to write a good knitting pattern?

We’ve been baking.
Halloween cookies
Don’t these look scary? Thanks to some fun sprinkles I bought in the States this summer we made some really colorful ghosts, pumpkins and cats. I have two very good little bakers on my hands. Oh my waistline!!

Speaking of my waistline, I have a question before I get back to my party preparations and my second fingerless. George Foreman, your grill is great but…. why can’t you design and sell a portable liposuction machine. A grill is good, George, but a liposuction machine for home use is better. My thighs whould thank you.

On the fitness front I’m up to 23 minutes of non-stop jogging three times a week. I went this morning and had a slight bit of knee pain, but I think it should pass if I keep up with the one-day break in between runs.

One last thing for those of you who live in Berlin. There is a new craft store at the end of the Wilmorsdorfer!! It’s called Idee and Alida and I were the first customers to walk through the doors when they opened for the first time yesterday. I could literally move in to that place. They have everything a crafty dreams about, and I’m afraid I’m going to need some really strong restraining belts to keep me from walking there and drooling over the yarn and goodies everyday on my way home from Alexander’s kindergarten. Oh, the problems we crafties are forced to confront on a daily basis.

Look what came yesterday!!!
pile o' leather
My awesome blog buddy Ohelene from Ohelene sewing sent me this amazing mountain of leather to start making some leather slippers for the kids. she even included elastic so I’m ready to make my first shoes. I was knocked off my socks by this. She is fabulous for doing it and I’m a bit choked up, I have to admit. Do you see those sweet Baby Born leather slippers she made as well? Please go visit her blog and see some of the fun stuff she’s been sewing up lately, I know you’ll love it. She even sells her shoes so go check them out. Thank you, Ohelene from Norway!!
Onto some fit sewknitters news. I’ve been reading that you girls have been not only moving those needles but your legs as well. Keep it up. Here is our current stand of fit bloggers:
Amanda from Gigi Bear is eating better, running, walking, doing the elliptical, and lifting weights.
Amy from Neglecting my Kids is walking and doing Pilates.
Anmiryam from Gromit Knits is jogging and lifting weights.
Jackie from My Escape from the Boys is ???
Jojo from The Crafty Sisters is running and lifting weights.
Linda from The Crafty Sisters is walking and lifting weights.
Nina from Zigzag and Purl is walking in the evening and doing Pilates.
oddrun fromOhelene sewing is walking.
Sarah from Stitch-n-Knit is running three times a week and tap dancing one night a week.
Teresa from Wild Geese cutting her sugar intake and not eating after 7 pm.
As for me I’ve been jogging every other morning at 6:00 and my legs are loving me for it. I feel great again and I was quite surprised to find that it hasn’t cut into my knitting or sewing time either. I thought I would be tired to do anything after putting the kids to bed, but I feel I have more energy now. I may blog a bit less but I’ve also been trying to get a lot done lately and haven’t had too much to blog about. I did spend Thursday night at the hospital because Alida and Alexander fell out of the stroller causing Alida to land on her chin which got scraped up pretty well. She also bit the inside of her lip which bled all down her shirt. Her chin puffed up and I was worried that she might have done more damage, but fortunately she was fine and she was laughing about it later. What a scare, I’m telling you being a mom really makes you hysterical.
My Halloween sewing has been put on hold the last two day because I finally decided to sell the millions of baby clothes that have taken up all the room in my drawers and on the shelves. This morning I went to a baby bazaar which is just a huge yard sale here and I managed to sell quite a considerable amount of stuff. Thanks soooo much to Christina who helped me out and made it a lot of fun. I do have to admit, it was sure a lot of work getting everything together, washing and sorting things, but it was worth it in the end and I’m going to sign up for next month and see if we can sell more. I’m trying to put all the money we make towards shelving for the kids’ room to organize the immense amount of toys we own. We’re getting pretty close to our goal.
I’m off to sew some more of our costumes and maybe get this other sock finished. I really want to sew a pair of leather shoes but they are going to have to wait until the rest of my sewing is done. One more week until Halloween and our party which I have to start planning.

Do you believe it? After months of hiding under fat he’s finally coming out to show himself. My hip bone does exist and I can see him again, thanks to the 2 pounds I’ve lost in the past week and a half. There’s even one on the other side, too!! And this is not going to be all, I’m determined to get rid of all of that excess baggage. This will happen, at least I hope so. Jogging started officially this morning and after just 15 minutes I feel great. This week it’s going to stay at 15 minutes a jogging session and may go up to 20 next week, we’ll see how my legs are getting along with the strain. Oh it’s so refreshing to be back in action.
One more thing that showed his face yesterday is this little placemat bag I managed to get finished. It’s more of a summer bag, of course I’m always a season off, but I still like him.
I’m not at all happy with how the zipper gusset turned out but I wasn’t in a rip-out mood yesterday, so it stayed. Now I have to get in gear and work on some Halloween goodies.

So here he is: My first sock for socktober. He’s done and he even fits. Imagine that. woo hoo! I’m very happy today except that my other foot’s a bit cold. I’ve got to get off this computer and knit the other one. Well, as soon as I figure out how to cast on at the same spot as the first one. I may have two different socks. Oh well, the color’s pretty. I’m going to do my best. Anyone have any hints on this?? socktober sock
I’ve also been sewing between demands from my kids. Look at this diaper and wet wipes I made for Baby Born. I used my serger and an old cloth diaper from Alida. She never wore the cloth diapers, I just had them around as burping clothes and to wipe up messes. I’ve got tons! We had tons of messes! Wait, we still do.
Speaking of Baby Born aren’t these mittens and socks just so cute? bb socks
Someone else is as sick as I am when it comes to knitting and sewing for dolls. Oh it makes me feel good to know, I’m not that crazy. I was looking in Ebay for some patterns when I came across a woman who knits these adorable sets for a mere 3 Euro including shipping. Couldn’t beat that. She even knit them in the color I wanted. I’m just a sucker for these things. Alida actually said ‘wow’ when we opened the package.
One last thing for today. Look at all of these fit sewknitters!!

Amanda from Gigi Bear is eating better, running, walking, doing the elliptical, and lifting weights.
Anmiryam from Gromit Knits is jogging and lifting weights.
oddrun fromOhelene sewing is walking.
Jojo from The Crafty Sisters is running and lifting weights.
Kimberly from The Giving Flower is jogging.
Linda from The Crafty Sisters is walking and lifting weights.
Nina from Zigzag and Purl is walking in the evening and doing Pilates.
Teresa from Wild Geese cutting her sugar intake and not eating after 7 pm.

You girls rock!!

You can join anytime you want just leave a comment to let me know. I’m not well enough to start jogging yet, but Friday is looking like a good day. I have a bit of asthma so whenever I get sick it goes right to my lungs. Oh well. That’s what my spray is for.

Hey look!!! I have buttons. buttons
Lots of buttons. I was inspired by Jojo one of the ever so cool crafty sisters and the talented Rosa from purly q’s. I thought this might be appropriate right about here. cranky ­čśë Now it’s your turn, let’s see your buttons, they’re good comment getters, or so I’ve heard!!
Oh I have another button: tgf button Thanks to Geeky Knitter I was able to make it myself. Too cool. Steal it if you want, I don’t mind. Keep in mind bandwidth thieves are everywhere. Hint hint.

Now for our Fit Sewknitters group. This is for anyone who knits and/or sews and wants to stay fit so they fit into the things they’ve knit and/or sewn. Anyone can join who’s consciously trying to stay fit in any way!! All you have to do is keep track on your own blog what you’ve been accomplishing and how you feel. Just leave a comment letting me know that you’d like to join and what activity you’ll be doing and I’ll have a list of fit sewknitters in a page on my sidebar. If you have a better name, which I’m sure will be easy to do, please let me know, I’m open for all suggestions. I’m working on a button.

Another thing I wanted to mention is Socktober from Lolly Knitting Around. Let’s all knit socks this month. Well, knowing me my socks will still be on the needles by Socktober ’06. Oh well. I’ve joined and I’m knitting my first pair for myself which I started a while ago, but that’s ok.

Thank you all for your well wishes. I’m feeling much better now and, as you can see, I’m sitting at the computer again. After staying in bed with a fever all yesterday, I woke up this morning smiling. Tomorrow I’m sure it will be a thing of the past, thank goodness. Thank you so much, Martin, for taking the kids and letting me get some much needed rest!

My thighs are growing proportionally to my knitting, and the more I sew the more fat accumulates around my waist. Granted I’m not idle the whole day, I walk a total of 6 km taking Alexander to and from kindergarten, but somehow my thighs are trying to push their way free out of my pants to ooze over my computer chair. Could it be those m & m’s I’ve been snacking on? Something has to be done. Cara from January one has been jogging and I’ve been watching. Watching her tell us how much she has accomplished. I need to join her. It’s been so long. Maybe we should start a group. Knitters that jog to fit into the things they knit. What do you think?? My running shoes have been in check so long now I believe they are stuck to the floor. This can’t continue. I’m going to start running again. I figure if I don’t publicly announce it, it won’t be done, so here I am. And here I go. I will keep you updated, not that it interests you, it’s just to keep me going. It’s much easier to get up at 5 every morning and sit at this computer, but no, I’m going running. Tomorrow, I promise. No pictures today, I don’t think I need to scare you like that. I feel friends don’t let friends drink and drive share fatso pictures.


Of course I had to wear a t-shirt with our flag. 10 K and I have a medal to prove it.Nat├╝rlich musste ich ein T-Shirt mit unserer Flagge tragen. 10 km und ich habe eine Medaille, um es zu beweisen.

I did it! I didn’t think I would be in shape enough to make it but I ran the 22nd Berlin women’s 10 Kilometer run smiling. My time was 8 minutes slower than my best time, but my goal yesterday was to run without stopping and to go over the finish with a smile on my face.Ich hab’s geschafft! Ich hatte bef├╝rchtet, nicht fit genug zu sein, aber ich lief den 22. Avon Frauenlauf in Berlin. Meine Zeit war nur 8 Minuten unter meiner pers├Ânlichen Bestzeit, aber mein Ziel war es einfach nur die 10km ohne Pause zu laufen und mit einem L├Ącheln ├╝ber die Ziellinie zu kommen.