August 2005

A poll would be great at this point but I haven’t gotten mine working yet, so I’ve resulted to asking this way and hoping for answers by way of comments.

Now for that question; What needles do you knit with and which ones do you think are best? I’ve been using Inox circulars since I can remember and haven’t thought much about it. Well, when I was in the States searching for needles I saw bamboo, Addi and Inox. Now, I would like to be informed on the difference. The price of Addis in the States is crazy and there must be a reason for that. I bought my first Addis today and I’m about to sit down to try them and wanted to see what you all had to say about needles. By the way Inox cost about 5 EUROS here and Addis about 6 EUROS, so why not switch over if they are better, right? We’ll see. Let’s hear read what you have to say.
Added September 1:
What is your opinion on needles in general? Is there any difference between Addis and any other kind?

kids riding bikes
Just one more picture from our vacation.
I hadn’t been home very long when the organizing bug hit. Isn’t that what vacation is for, to come home and see how horrible things look and start cleaning and organizing? Well, I started with my double points. I’ve needed a needle case for the longest time and now I finally have one; here it is. Click on a picture to make it bigger.
needle case 1needle case 3needle case  2 My sister’s good friend, Deb, used to sew and doesn’t have the time anymore, so she’s trying to get rid of boxes of material. When I heard this I gave her one of my I-need-material-to-live face, and she promptly brought me three boxes to sort through. This blue flowered material came in a whole bolt and I just love it. It reminds me of the 80’s. I put a pink ribbon under the pockets so I can write the size of the needles in front of each pocket. I haven’t gotten that far yet, though. Now onto a circular needle case-it’s in the works.
Just a few more goodies from the States which I just had to have. I was so disapointed earlier this summer when I went to my local yarn shop to buy some markers and they said they don’t use them here! How come?? I called everywhere frantically trying to find some. Eventually I gave up and my mom sent me some. Thank goodness for my knitting mom. This made me decide I would go home to the States and find all the fun things I could possibly need this year and stock up. So as you can see that’s just what I did.
knitting supplies
Look at these finds, of course if you live in the States, near a good knitting store and Walmart you don’t need to get excited, but I sure am. I just love these plastic pins to pin together sweater pieces. I’ve used them already to sew my minisweater together, and now I wouldn’t go without them.
stitch holders
Aren’t these sock needle toppers great? I bought some for my mom and plan planned on giving some away because they are cute and very useful, especially when knitting lace when you decide you need to put the laundry in the dryer, and don’t want any of those valuable stitches to fall off the needle until you return. Just plop one of these on the ends and your stitches are safe, too cool.
black minisweater
Here is the promised picture of my finished black minisweater which I lengthened and added cables to. The picture is not the best, click to enlarge, but black is tough to photograph and I wanted the cables in. Notice the ribbon as a closure, I like this much better than the button. This sweater is so cozy.
Tomorrow is my birthday, I hope something knitty or sewy comes my way. If you happen to be in the neighborhood stop by for carrot cake! I think I’ll have a dinner party for the girls next week, I absolutely forgot about tomorrow being my birthday until Christina mentioned me coming to breakfast and by then it was too late to plan. Now I think I’ll have a girls’ night with dinner next week. No kids, no husbands, just girls and food. I wish I could say knitting but the knitting bug hasn’t hit my friends yet, so that might not go over too well. I’ve tried everything I know to get them into it. We’ll see, I haven’t given up yet.

alexander walkingalida walking This was taken near the end of our vacation when the kids were busy doing their own thing. The first two weeks they wouldn’t leave my side, which meant when we went to the beach I always had to be with them to help them build or swim. I was so happy to see them finally being free to do what they wanted.
alexander alonekids playing
I’m finished unpacking my suitcases and am trying to find room for everything we brought. This may be harder than I thought. Oh well, I do need all that yarn and fabric, it just has to be.
On to some knitting news. I haven’t been able to knit or sew since I’ve been back, now that’s almost 3 days, and I’m getting a bit jumpy, so please excuse the typos, it’s crafty withdrawal. During my vacation I did manage to finish my black minisweater, although it turned out to be a real sweater rather than a mini. I put two cables down the front after the original edging with the intention of pulling it in a bit, which didn’t really happen, but I just love cables so I think it’ll be ok. I’d sewn a cool, black square button on it but I just wasn’t happy with the result, so when I was visiting my sister-in-law and her kids for dinner she gave me a bit of black ribbon to use as a closure which I think looks and functions much better. Now I’m very happy with it. I don’t have a picture of it because I’m alone waiting for Martin and Alexander to get home from birthday present shopping for my birhtday on Monday. I’ll have that picture up as soon as it’s taken.
I also continued working on my Tivoli-T but my guage was a bit different than in the directions so it’s too big. I knew it would be bigger but I sure was surprised how much.Tivoli-TAlthough I didn’t get all that far on it I just don’t have the heart to rip it out yet. I don’t know what to do now, do I start it again with fewer stitches or do I do the shapely tank with this yarn. I’m using Lana Grossa Basics Presto in a great marbled pink, white with a hint of yellow. I love this pink yarn and the way it knits up but I only have 6, 50 gram balls so I have to pick something that I can knit with so little yarn. It was on sale, need I say more? Oh dear, the decisions we knitters have to face.
Before I left for vacation I ordered two sweater patterns online, it’s so great to be able to pay with paypal and have things sent by email, especially for me in Germany. The first one is the Silk Ribbed Lace Corset. I bought purple and off-white classic Elite Premiere which is 50 cotton/50 tencel and it is so soft. corset yarn I’m tempted to forget everything else I have to do and just start this one. Maybe it’ll be done by next sommer.
The second one is the eris pullover and cardigan. I have been looking for a good cardigan pattern and when I saw this one I just had to have it. Those cables are to die for, well I like them. I originally saw this Rogue Hooded Pullover and wanted to knit this which I think has great cabling, but I wouldn’t use it like I would a cardigan, so I opted for the eris. I probably could have made this into a cardigan but I’m not into ripping and experimenting right now. I have come to like following patterns for the first time since starting to knit. Up until now I mostly took inspiration from patterns and did what I wanted and the majority of my projects have come out well. Now that I’ve started to follow patterns I’m amazed at the new techniques I’ve learned. I looked for yarn for this in the States, but because I need1600 yards and that could run me $100; I decided to wait until I have some other things finished and maybe I’ve won the Lottery. We’ll see which one comes first, considering I don’t play the Lottery.
I realize this post is long-there is just so much to say- but one more thing before I go. My sister-in-law, you know the one with the ribbon, gave me and Alida some Lilly Pulitzer clothes which I just adore. Sorry about the horrible picture, it was taken just before we left and I was in pack mode and not pose mode. I had to return the original dress she bought because it didn’t fit and then found these matching turtle dress and skirt. My skirt is reversible and has crabs and things on the other side. I just love Lilly fabric and wish I could buy some to sew my own things. Does anyone know where you can buy it? It has to be cheaper than the clothes- they are outrageously expensive but so much fun.
Lilly dresses

We’re back and trying to adjust to the time change. We had the best time with my parents. We went to the beach almost every day, and I think my city kids started feeling right at home there. Alexander even picked up seaweed on the last day and held it up to show me he wasn’t afraid of it anymore like he was on the first day. For some reason he has always held the silly notion that seaweed bites, even when he was 1 1/2 he would not leave the beach blanket for fear something would snap at him. Look at him now. Mom, look it’s a T.
I found so many wonderful things that I nicely blew my budget and had to come back, although I tried to chain myself to my parents’ house to protest them taking us to the airport. They promptly threw the three of us in their car and made their way to the airport fast before I could say anything, I think after 3 weeks with a 2- and 4-year-old around in all the time they were longing for peace and quiet.
So, here we are back in Germany. All you sewers and knitters living in America don’t know how lucky you have it. I found so many great things at such low prices, it’s amazing. The selection was great and I only wish I could take it all home so that I could use it whenever I get the hankering. Unfortunately, I can’t, but it sure seems like I managed to bring the majority of every store I was in back with me in my 5 suitcases. I was right below my weight limit on all 5!
Here is just a fraction of the things I found. Click on a picture to make it bigger.
flipflop This great flip flop canvas came with the orders to make my mom a super beach bag for next year . This will make a terrific bag with green lining. Put this on the to-do list.
princess material Here I bought just all sorts of fabrics, one of which will turn into a princess costume for Alida. Her birthday party is going to have a princess theme, so I thought I’d keep her a princess for Halloween.
lighthouse quilt materialI love hydrangeas so I couldn’t resist buying this fabric to go in my lighthouse quilt. Don’t you just love crabs? We caught one at the beach on the second day, so I had to get that fabric too. Bored yet? It gets worse so go get some coffee.
halloween materialI had to get some Halloween fabric, we have a party every year, and I was thinking of making a Halloween banner with all of this good stuff. Have you noticed the bag of candy corn? I haven’t been able to get them here and my sister was soo awesome to buy me three bags of the stuff for my party. Thanks, Judy!! There’s also a bit of Christmas in there, there’s nothing worse than buying Christmas fabric in the middle of the summer, or better said end of summer, but I had to have this cute mitten fabric. I just need to figure out what to do with it.
Toile I just love Toile which translates to: I had to get all of this toile canvas, oh how great these bags are going to be. I know toile is a bit out, but I just adore it, so I’m going to see what I can do with these.
amy butlerThis is one of my favorites. I only bought 3 yards of this great Amy Butler fabric and if my conscience had let me I would have bought every bolt of her fabric in the store.
Well, this is all the sewing news I could muster for today but after I finish unpacking the last suitcase, washing more clothes, and getting over jet lag, I’ll show you more of the fun knitting things I found and decided needed to take residency in my knitting bag, under the bed, and anywhere else I can find room for them. Hmm do we really need that living room, or can I store my knitting and sewing supplies there?

wristletsThese are wristlets I made with the scraps I had left from the bags I made. I just loved the other picture of them, that’s why I had to put it in. I bought the zippers at the market fairly cheap and had so much fun making these. They sew up pretty quickly and I might even have to sew some for myself when I get back. I could even imagine selling these. See you in 3 weeks!!!