September 2005

No, I didn’t have a baby. I adopted one. Her name is Baby Born and she was delivered on Alida’s birthday. Actually she really is Alida’s but I get to play with her, too. Sometimes. When Alida’s asleep and I put her back where she was when I’m done.
Last night I whipped up this suit for Baby Born because it can get quite cold in the bike seat when we bring Alexander to kindergarten in the morning.alida and her bikebaby born
Here’s the suit.If you feel the need, click to make it bigger.clothes for baby born
I couldn’t find a zipper small enough so I just used bias tape to make a tie in the front. It is so much fun making clothes for this doll; soon she’s going to have a better wardrobe than me, although that’s not too hard to do. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always loved sewing doll clothes. Maybe because I’m a big doll lover, and when I was little my friend’s mother used to make the coolest things for her doll and I was determined to do the same. Maybe because they don’t grow out of the things I sew. I just love it. I have a magazine with Baby Born patterns but I don’t have any patterns for dresses. You see, my goal is to make a bunch of outfits for Alida for Christmas. Does anyone know where I can find Baby Born patterns for free on the net?

By the way, no one in our family rides a bike without a helmet! No one. 🙂

Guess what I did today.
I went to my sewing machine store. Sound boring? Wait, it gets better. Last year I bought a new Pfaff queen-of-all-queens Quilt Expressions sewing machine (yes, I sold my left arm for this baby), and because I’ve had a few problems with him during the year the repair man felt sorry for me and fixed my serger for free. He just had to tighten a screw or two and my baby was off and sewing!!! I could have hugged him right there. Had to control myself. Oh, by the way, those were two pictures of my serger in the last post if you hadn’t figured that one out by now. Of course you know what I did next, don’t you? Of course you do, I went home and finished my first toile bag. I had started him yesterday, so today I just had to put in the zipper gusset using my serger for clean edges. Oh how I love this machine. I’m very easy to please, you see. I made this little bag almost the same size as my hipster except he has a long I-can-wear-it-around-my-body strap. I copied the zipper gusset from my L.L.Bean boat bag which I use as my knitting bag. Too cool.
Here is the bag before the serger and…toile bag
after, not that you can tell I used it. Hey, I know I used it! Toile Bag

How about some more corset details?
As you can see I’m sewing the ribbing together for the good of mankind otherwise there would be no coverage in the front, the gapping would expose too much for anyone to handle.


I’ve finally figured out how to put my pattern in pdf. format and how to upload it so you can download it. Is that all correct? Anyhow, just click on the picture under My free patterns on the sidebar, if you’re interested in the directions. If you do use it, let me know what you think.

It’s hard to knit and sew without a left arm!!!

Look what I took out of hiding.serger

This baby has been hiding under my computer desk for the last 8 years. My parents gave him to me as a college graduation present and I can’t believe I’ve been neglecting him for so long!! Alexander and I took him out this morning, oiled him up and got him running again. The only problem, and probably the reason he was in hiding in the first place, is that he sometimes misses a stitch and needs to see a doctor. I can’t afford any medical bills right now but soon, I promise, he’ll be properly taken care of.

crochet edge
Here is the first pic of my almost-finished corset. Thanks to anmiryam from Gromit Knits (who needs to pick up hers again because it’s quite fun to knit) I’m posting this picture, but you’re going to have to wait for all-done pictures and more details because I’ve just finished the crocheted edge and need to do a bit more of finishing up. I also need to buy buttons which may have to wait until Sunday. I’ve been asking everywhere and driving everyone nuts on how to crochet and I think I’ve now gotten it down. Look at that edge, aren’t you proud??!! I’m very pleased with my attempt. Hey, playing with yarn stays playing with yarn, no matter what kind of needle you use! Crocheting could become addictive. Oh no!! Stay tuned for more pictures.

sign Here are just a few pictures of the party yesterday. Rosa was right-the princess and the pea!! Believe it or not those pea pods from my last post were edible gummy pea pods I found in the candy department at Karstadt. I used them in cucumber sandwiches which were supposed to represent the mattress from the princess that slept on the pea. The pretzels were the bed posts. The party was at 10:00 am and ended at 12:00 so I didn’t want the kids going home without some kind of ‘lunch’ in their bellies. Remember, click on a picture to make it bigger.
I always have some kind of raw vegetable and dip at my parties, so it’s not just cake and sweets. Here I tried to turn grapes and carrots into a crown. I used lowfat yogurt and dill for the dip.
Of course we had our sweet stuff, too. Here we have princess wands made out of nougat rolls dipped in melted white chocolate and sprinkled with colorful dots.
We also had sand castle cake which turned out way too dark, but was still yummy. This is where my theme Sand Princess party came from because my mother gave me this great sand castle cake mold for my birthday. Notice the wind is blowing the flags crazy. I also had my carrot cake because it was requested by two moms. Just ask me to bake and I will.
Well, that was the food.
bowling pinsBecause the kids were so young and we didn’t have a whole lot of time, the kids played with our toys and then we had prince and princess bowling in the hallway.
As party favors I used beach pails with their names written on them and a picture of a crown. party favorsIt was filled with a butterfly lolly-pop, a candy watch, a princess yo-yo, and a crown and hair clips for the girls, and a set of rubber jacks for the boys.
decodecorations Here are some of the great stars and crowns the kids decorated last week with crayons and glitter glue. Alexander helped us put up the decorations on Thursday night. He was so excited about the party that he finally fell asleep at 10:00! Bed time at our house is normally around 7.
The party was a blast and I think the kids really had fun. Alexander wore his Tellytubbie shirt, which is a bit small for him, but he said Alida likes the Tellytubbies and it was her birthday, so he wore it for her.
I didn’t put any pictures of the actual party because I don’t know if the parents would want me to do that. When I was in the States everyone was so worried about what they published. “Just be careful”, I was told. What do you all think? Is it dangerous to have too much information in the internet? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m too naive.
Halloween here we come!!

Happy Birthday, Alida! You are my little princess.
Alida princess
Can you guess what these were used for??
More later.

Look what came in the mail this week.
yarn card
This German company sends out their catalogue with yarn samples from every yarn in the catalog.
I’m so excited to actually touch the yarn I can mail order. You see, I have this little problem. I have to feel my yarn before I buy it, that’s why I’ve been pretty reluctant to order online or from a catalogue. I love to ponder the yarn color choice, imagining how it will fit, how the finished sweater will drape, if I should knit on a smaller needle to make it tighter or a larger needle to give it a looser look. I think this is part of the whole knitting process and I don’t like to pass over it. Oh and at this place the prices are pretty good, too.
Another neat thing is you can also order the directions to every item in the catalogue for about 3 EURO. This will have to wait a while, but my Eris sweater pattern is just itching to be knit, so I might use one of these yarns. Of course, I’m wondering what yarn and color, everyday I lean toward a different one.

banana waffles
I made breakfast. When are you coming?? Well, if you can make it this morning, then I’ll give you the recipe. These are yummy banana waffles we ate at Christina’s one day, and have been making ever since. Thanks Christina!
Banana Waffles:
First mix together until creamy:
50 grams soft butter
70 grams sugar
1 package vanilla sugar (I imagine you could use a bit of bourbon vanilla if you don’t have vanilla sugar)
3 eggs

Mix separately:
250 grams flour
1/2 teaspoons baking powder

Slowly add the flour mixture to the batter.
150 ml milk
This is where that lemon comes in handy: add the juice of 1/2 lemon.

Mash up 2 very ripe bananas with a fork and add this to the batter.

Stir it up well and spoon it into your waffle maker. Guten Appetit!!

banana waffles top

Thank you, Ann at Purlingswine for your etiquette rules. Gotta love the pigs.
Thank you, Jojo at Crafty Sisters for being a super talent and a great mom.
Thank you, Rosa at Purly Qs, you’re a great talent and soon your blog will fly.
Thank you, Cara at January One for understanding and taking such great pictures.
Thank you, Linda at Crafty Sisters, you and your sister are an amazing team with a fun blog.
Thank you, Lou at Lou’s Ends for being my clique buddy.
Thank you, Miriam for surprising me and taking me to the movies last night. I love you!!!
Thank you, Lori at Yes, I Made That for having such a great sense of humor. Thank you for tagging me.

Yes, you read that right she tagged me. I was picked. Lori did this to me and I’m very thankful.

TEN YEARS AGO: I was married and living in Berlin. I was trying to study at the University and teach English on the side to make money. Did I say study, well, actually I meant I was riding my bike to school, and spending a lot of time with Alison, a friend from England who was also married to a German, hanging out on campus drinking up as much sun as we could before winter hit.
FIVE YEARS AGO: I was teaching English and Math and loving every single minute of it. I loved my kids at school, and the teaching freedom a new school brings with it. We were given a lot of freedom because not many rules had been yet established. We were the ones to do that. What fun. I miss those 6th graders! Wait. Now they are 11th graders, oh my.
ONE YEAR AGO:I met Christina. Again. We had met once at church right before I got pregnant with Alida, and right from the start I knew she was great friend ‘material’. Unfortunately, although we both tried to find each other,we didn’t see each other for another year. We then decided we weren’t going to let that happen again. She’s one of my best buddies ever; did I mention she’s a fabulous knitter and sewer?
FIVE SNACKS: Apples and peanut butter, Nutella and peanut butter, dark chocolate, gummy anything and tortillas with melted provolone cheese which I can’t get here.
FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: You got me on this one. I can’t sing and so that keeps me from remember words to songs. I think my son has a good musical ear, he now tells me to stop singing when I do start. Wait! I do know all nursery rhymes, does that count?
FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: Buy my parents something to make them happy. Then I would give some to my brothers and sisters to make up for all the years I haven’t been able to do much for them. I would invest lots for my children’s educations. Of course, I would donate to kids with cancer. I would also like to see better nursing homes. It makes me soooo sad to see older people not properly taken care of. We should respect these wonderful people, instead they are often mishandled. Terrible, I don’t like to think about it, I’d rather do something to change it.
Then I’d buy Amy Butler fabric and make everyone bags. Hey, if you have an extra million send it my way, I’ll make you a bag.
FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO:My bed with my family snuggled around me. I run away every weekend and absolutely love it. Oh and anywhere with a beach and water to swim. That’s two, right? Oh well, that’s it.
FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR:Cowboy hat-sorry it’s just not me. Either is a nose ring for that matter. Yes, that’s something you wear.
FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: At the moment Lost, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Dallas (yes, I’m watching reruns because I never watched it the first time around and now I’m hooked) and Little House on the Prairie which is my all time favorite. I used to watch it with my mom when I was little, and when I moved to Berlin they had it on everyday which is how I improved my German. Thanks, Laura Ingalls.
FIVE BIGGEST JOYS:My husband and my kids are the biggest joys in my life. Then come yarn and fabric. Oh how I love yarn and fabric.
FAVORITE TOYS:My sewing machine-that will never change. If I mention anymore favorite toys this entry would never find an end.
PEOPLE TO PASS THIS ON TO: I’ve picked four of my favorite “new” bloggers to write.
Jojo at Craftysisters
Rosa at Purly Qs
Linda at Craftysisters
Sarah at Stitch-n-Knit
I could, of course, go on but I think we should hear from some newbies to the scene. I’m so curious.

Thank you all for sending such wonderful words my way. I’ve pulled out of my stupor and am moving on. We are all in this together and I’m so glad about that!! It’s all about the wonderful people behind those blogs, you are all very amazing.
When life throws you lemons make Banana Waffles! More about that later, stay tuned.

I’m a bit down.
Could it be that my tan is fading?
Or that the weather is getting colder?
Or that the bills have come from my vacation and we won’t be out of red until after Christmas?
Could it be my husband wants to know if I really need all that stuff I bought?
Or that the car has been making funny noises, and the air bag light has been on for a month now and I don’t want to take it in to get looked at for fear they’ll find something to fix?
Or is it the fact the hair cutter broke just as I started cutting Alexander’s hair?
Or that the washing machine is leaking?
Or that the dishwater sometimes doesn’t pump water?
Or that we spent our entire Sunday last week trying to fix our broken couch?
Or that this place is a mess and the only way to organize is to buy more shelves?
Or that I miss my family tremendously and wish we lived in the States where the people are wonderful and friendly, and I can buy Amy Butler fabric any time I want?
Or that I’m trying to stay away from chocolate so my corset fits when I finally finish it?
Or maybe it’s my bad blog etiquette.
Why don’t I get many comments? I see my visitor numbers going way up, but less and less comments. Am I boring? Yes, I’m wordy and have few brain cells still in action, so my writing is probably suffering. I know this is silly, but I don’t understand. Another blog posted a picture of buttons and promptly got 15 comments. Count them 15. Just for a picture of buttons. Hmm, am I doing something wrong? I spend so much time reading other blogs and posting comments because I see so many wonderful things people are doing or have made. I can’t help but post a comment, it is amazing to see what you all are doing, and I think the best compliment is one made by someone who understands how much love, sweat and time go into those socks, or sweater or bag.
Should I be responding to each comment that is left on my blog? Please let me know what the correct etiquette is so I don’t continue to act in an uncivilized manner. I’m trying to find a plugin which would make it easier to respond to each comment, but I still haven’t found one yet. Maybe I should take a break from blogging for a bit. Maybe I’ll make a bag, that always does wonders for the soul.

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