November 2005

Christmas is coming and Alexander wants me to write my wish list. So far I have knitting and sewing time, and a handmade book with a flower in it (this is what he asked if I wanted-makes me wonder what they are doing in preschool). I’d also love a new knitting book, and because I have to order it online, I can’t thumb through it to see what I like the best, I’m relying on all of you to help me out. I’ve narrowed my list down to two books and can’t decide which one’s better. Please vote and let me know what you think.

Thank you, to all of you who have pinned my map, but there are so many holes! Please pin me!
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I sure am demanding, aren’t I? And you thought you were here to read.

Look what came in the mail last week!
Judy, my sister from NJ, sent me this package full of Christmas goodies. There are presents for the kids, an awesome deep chocolate cake mix, a really cute pad and pencil which says Tidings of sushi and soy (we all love sushi so this is quite appropriate), and a book that the kids won’t put down. It’s a Christmas I spy book and we’ve been having fun looking for things every night. Thanks so much, Judy!!! Obviously, we won’t be opening the presents until Christmas, so we’ll be surprised to see what’s in them. Alexander is astounded that his present is bigger than Alida’s because he says he hasn’t been very good this year. I have to repeatedly tell him it’s from Judy and not Santa, but he wants to think Santa sent it. He’s also been trying to tell me everyday is Christmas, so we can open them now. Nice try, little man!
One more thing! Could you please put a pin on my map? It’s looking pretty bare and very sad!
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I’ve been working the last couple of days on little gifts for my friends, and because I had everything I needed to make them on hand, I didn’t need to spend tons of money.
Now, Christina, you need to stop reading this, and don’t put your mouse over the picture of the present. The rest of you can continue reading, the recipients of the other gifts either don’t read my blog or have no idea they are getting anything anyway, so read on and put your mouse over the picture to reveal my secret.

These are little needle cases made from felt. I wasn’t ever a big fan of felt, but after making so many puppets for our puppet theater with it, I kind of like it. I found the pattern for these here . I thought it would be cute for a little gift, and then I just kept going and found more people I could give these to. Of course, Alida wanted a ‘baby’ house, so I made one for us. I embroidered the house itself by hand, and used my machine to write Merry Christmas to cover my knots. My finger hurts but I love how they turned out. The picture really doesn’t do these justice, they are quite cute. For some reason I can’t make two mouseovers, that’s when the picture changes when your mouse is over the picture, in one post, so I’ve taken a close-up of a house and put it in the next post.
Now I’ve got to get working on the rest of the presents. Isn’t this fun? I love to make presents for Christmas.

Update: I can’t seem to get two mouseovers to work, so I’m putting in the picture of the details under the first present, just click on it to see the detailed picture. I’ve put the picture from above under the second present, so you can see it better. Mom, I’m making yours right after I finishing typing this!

It snowed today for the first time and Alida was so excited to run through it. This is really her first time seeing snow, considering she was only one last year and I’m sure doesn’t remember the snow. We even went out and bought her some warm, red boots. No more wet socks.
first snow
snowy sky
These pictures aren’t all that great, but they are the best I could get from my balcony. Unlike other bloggers, I tend to forget to take my camera with me everywhere, which means I didn’t get a really cute picture of the kids in the snow this morning. Anyway, it’s white so Santa can officially come now! No wait, our Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so he can come anytime after that!

Sick update: Those mean bacteria have settled nicely in my lungs not allowing me to breath and leaving me to cough uncontrollably for literally hours at a time. I went to the doctor on Monday and he gave me a killer spray with quite a bit more asthma medicine as my normal spray and cortisone to get rid of those mean monsters that have taken up residency in my lungs.
It’s now Wednesday and I’m not coughing as much which translates to: I’ve started knitting and crafting again. It’s so strange, the whole time I was sick I couldn’t lift a needle to knit. I could only read, which is good because I’ve finished Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and almost done with Annie Modesitt’s Cheaper than Therapy, but also bad because my knitting and sewing has been neglected for over two weeks. We are talking serious withdrawal symptoms! I knew I was feeling better as soon as the urge hit me to start knitting and crafting again, and although I started two days ago, I haven’t much to show for it. My next post should have some goodies to show, I hope.
If anyone can tell me how to make a darn French knot, I would be most appreciative. For some reason every time I pull the thread through the fabric after twisting it on itself, it pulls right out and I’m left without any kind of knot, just a stitch. Hmmm
Speaking of embroidery and because I haven’t shown anything really crafty in the past month, I thought I’d post a picture of two dolls I made for Alida last year.
The girl in the blue dress is a free pattern from Dolly Hugs which is a really cute pattern. I made the dress myself but never got around to making the pattern for it. I wasn’t quite sure about embroidering the face, but I think she turned out really well. The second doll is from the book Kuschelpüppchen für die Kleinen which is in German but I’m sure you can get it in English, too.
One last thing: I’m trying to put together a list for Santa. Alexander recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and after saying I just got my new washing machine, which is essentially my present, he wasn’t too pleased with my answer. Now I’m writing my list and I need your help. I’d like a new knitting book but I don’t know which one to get. I can’t get my hands on any of the good English ones in any stores here, so I’m going through This is where you come in; could you please tell me which knitting book is your favorite of all times or if you could only buy one book, which would it be. Seeing that money is tight, I’m allowing myself only one book and I would love a really good one. Thanks for your help!!! While you’re at it could you sign my Frappr map, too? Check out our Frappr!

Update: I forgot to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! I bought our frozen turkey today so it can dethaw by Saturday. Obviously, it’s not a holiday here, so I have to wait until Saturday to cook and eat our Thanksgiving turkey. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Thank you, Susanne, Catherine, Amy and Anmiryam for helping proofread my pattern!!
You can download the pattern for my Cabled Fingerless here or under My free patterns on the side bar. Be warned, I’m sure there are still some mistakes; writing a pattern is not as easy as it looks.

Update: November 21-I’ve added to the pattern so the cabling will be symmetrical. I’ve uploaded the new pattern for you. Thanks!

You know I can’t do anything alone, so I’ve lovingly given my fever to Martin who’s now in bed trying to get better. Who said revenge isn’t sweet? Today I went to a baby bazaar, which is like a big yard sale where you pay for a table so you can sell your goods, and I left him alone with the kids for 4 hours. Let him feel what it’s like to be sick, have two monsters to take care of and not be able to rest in bed. It may have worked a bit. I hope. I’m really not that mean, I just think until you’ve been there you really can’t appreciate what it’s like. Hehe. Shock therapy is always the best.
I’m still coughing like a beast, and I am really sorry to all those around me that have to put up with it. Want to bet I have a six pack stomach by now? Humour me; I like to think all this coughing will have some kind of positive outcome. Anyone want to trade lungs? Mine are the pits!!
Anyway, I couldn’t help myself and went to Frappr and got a map. Please sign in; I’d love to know where you are from.
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I can’t believe I’ve finally met them!! The knitting bloggers here in Berlin. We met last night at a small restaurant around the corner and these knitters are just soooo cool. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about whom I would be sitting with for the evening, but whoa was I wrong to worry. These girls are great!!!! First there is my buddy from Stricky who is such a neat person. She is outgoing and fun and very intelligent. From what I understand she speaks Japanese, Italian and English, not to mention her mother tongue German. Then there is Tacha from Textile Tach who is an absolute sweetie. She’s got another two months to go before we can officially call her mom. I was so glad to have finally have met her as well; you just have to see the adorable quilt squares she’s been making for her little baby girl to come. Two new bloggers for me were the talented Gabi from Himmelsfarben and the fun Steffi from Merlianes Wollwelt. These two can spin-oh I’m in heaven now!! Gabi promised to teach me to spin with a drop spindle at our next meeting, so I can’t wait. GEEKS IN HEAVEN!!! Anyway, as you can tell I was very impressed with our little group and I’m so delighted to have finally met everyone. OH, one person wasn’t there, I think Silke is her name but she should be at the next meeting in two weeks, so if she’s anything like these girls she is a keeper, too. I did have my camera and took pictures but I don’t think it’s in everyone’s interest to publish them, so maybe next time.

The cabled fingerless pattern is close to done; I just need someone to proofread it for me. If you want to check my first draft, please send me an email and I’ll email you the pattern. All I’m asking is for someone to read it and see if there are any major mistakes-you don’t need to knit it, I just want it to be legible. Thanks!
I love pictures in blog entries, and because I’ve been so sick I’ve been neglecting my camera, not to mention my knitting needles and my sewing machine. Therefore, I’m posting a picture of what we’ve been doing lately. Here are a few people from another of my favorite TV series. This time I didn’t watch it as a kid, just as an adult, I started a year ago to be exact. I’ve been watching the reruns from this show and loving them. The episodes are so far-fetched they are hysterical. Can you guess what show it is? Sorry, no prices can be awarded, money is tight, but if you want I’ll wash your clothes with my new washing machine-I love it! 😉
playmobile people

I’m feeling a bit better! Hallelujah. Thank you all for your good wishes-that has made my week!! I haven’t been able to answer my comments yet but I will.
I’m still a bit weak and while waiting 1 1/2 hours at the hospital on Saturday night (I had a terrible itchy all-over-body rash as a fun side effect from the antibiotics) I stupidly started the book The De Vinci Code. I can’t put it down. I have to read. This place is a mess…I must read. I need to type up the pattern… I must read. I wish I could knit… I must read. I must find inner freedom-I’m off to read. The kids will be making dinner tonight.

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