Can you imagine this kid at the age of 17 months not wanting to leave the beach towel for fear that the seaweed would bite him?


These pictures are the result of years of work trying to convince him that seaweed is grass which happens to grow under water. Now Alida is playing the game of being scared of seaweed. Typical!

Here are just a few of the pictures from our trips to the beach.

You know the drill: click to make them bigger.
Alexander on the jettyAlida on the jettycool dudechasing wavesrunning from wavesour beachchasing wavesAlidaDennistoes

When we visited my sister, Judy, in Dennis we brought ice cream cone cupcakes we baked using a mold she had given me from Williams-Sonoma. She works there for fun and I have no idea how she could possibly take home a pay check-they have such cool stuff.

ice cream cupcakes

After spending the day on the beach, we came back to the house to have dinner with my sister’s 2 kids, my brother, sister-in-law, their 2 kids and my dad. Here are my kids doing what they do best; Alida is reading a Barbie sticker book my sister had given her and Alexander is watching TV with two remotes under his arms. That way he could be in control of both the television in this room and the one in the other room. He is a mechanical control freak, wouldn’t you say?


Is it clear now why I didn’t want to come home?

Some fiber content is coming.