Yep, you heard that correctly, we did not have a party. Well, not in our apartment anyway. You see, on Monday after work we all came home early to bake, cook, decorate and just get in the mood for Halloween. We worked until the kids went to bed and then I worked until I went to bed in order to get this place good enough for a witch or two.

Well, Tuesday morning we woke up to Alida complaining that her tongue hurt. We looked in her mouth and lo and behold her tongue was a bit swollen and just plain funny looking. I took her to the doctor first thing because I didn’t have to teach until 10. The doctor told us that she had the highly contagious hand foot mouth virus which meant kindergarten and parties were out of the question.

So, I rushed to school to tell them that I wouldn’t be in this week and to quickly write up some substitution plans with poor little Alida in tow. I was told I have to go back to work tomorrow because it’s parent teacher conferences and I have a few parents to torture, so Martin’s staying home with our sick little monster.

We did decide to come home and finish the cakes and decorating and then I made some pumpkin sandwiches for dinner, so we didn’t have to forgo the party altogether. I also called two of my friends with babies to tell them not to come at all. My other two good friends have kids that were just so excited we decided to go trick-or-treating anyway. Alida was doing fairly well and even put her costume on herself, so it was a bit of a success. We also managed to get a few pics so here they are.

carrot cake ghost

First we had a carrot cake ghost decorated by the little man.

bloody hot dog fingers

Then we had some bloody hot dog fingers. Don’t they look gross?

yummy cat litter

Of course, we also had a little cat litter cake. The recipe is found here. I didn’t do the green food coloring but I did the two cakes and pudding together with melted Tootsie Rolls on top. Thanks, Linda!!!
bugs and pooh

Here are some bugs on cookies. Alexander made the bugs with the eyes himself and I melted the chocolate with coconut, raisins and pretzels to make other bugs that turned out to look like giant poohs. Oh well, it grossed us out so much we left them like that. They were yummy!!!

pumpkin sandwiches

We also had some pumpkin sandwiches I made using a pumpkin cookie cutter. You see, my plan was to feed the kids hot dogs and sandwiches before we took out the goodies. My friend and her son had a sandwich and some cat litter in the hallway while waiting for the other trick-or-treaters to arrive. I didn’t dare let anyone in this virus infested apartment.
harry and the princessLaura-me

Here are my two favorite trick-or-treaters and Alexander’s picture of me. I was Laura from Little House on the Prairie which I had made last year. Alexander and I painted the H on his shirt using wax paper and I have to admit it’s a really cool technique. Christina, I’ll give you some of my paper if you want. I bought tons of it and it’s sooo fun to do with the kids.

batsboo banner

Just a bit of the decorations which, as you may notice, are from last year.

crown and magic wandcrown back

Here is the princess crown I made along with the ‘wooden’ magic wand Martin made using a brown paper bag and some brown crayons. I thought they came out pretty well. The kids were definitely happy so it was worth it.

Just an action shot. I think you can tell Harry was having a great time.


Here is one last look at my two favorite people-Harry and the princess.

Thank you all for joining my contest. We pulled names from the caldron (actually I wrote down all the numbers from the comments on a piece of paper and had the kids pick 3 numbers) and the oscar goes to sock pattern goes to:

#1-Leah and # 6-Rain

And one set of the above pictured stitch markers (one strawberry or cheeseburger, a beer from Germany, a giving flower and a socktoberfest sock in blue or pink) goes to:


The other set of stitch markers goes to Lolly, of the socktoberfest fame, for having such a wonderful knitalong and for being a great blog buddy!! She also has a fab nick name.

I’ll get these off as soon as I can but it may take a few days-things are just so hectic around here. Thanks again, everyone!!