November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving from the Casa Loca!!


We will be eating lots and lots of turkey celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday with some friends we call family. I hope you all in America, and those not, have a great day and eat tons.

Artwork compliments of Alexander.

St. Martin

…going on latern walks for St. Martin’s day at both schools,


drawing and decorating the living room with numbers and pictures,

egg directions

writing directions on how to cook an egg, (Don’t ask-this was his thing)

uno cards

making Uno cards, (This was, once again, Alexander’s own idea and I love them)

swinging swinging

swinging in the hall over the mattresses that are covered in street fabric, so the person who is not swinging can play with the Matchbox cars


and losing teeth. The second one is hanging but I’m not allowed to pull it out like I did with the first one. I can’t understand why. Hehe (NO, I didn’t pull it, but I did tickle him until it fell out)
no teeth

ETA: They are now gone!! Those mean front teeth. The second one finally fell out while we were eating, so there was no tickling going on. We now have a real pumpkin.