Do you believe it? After months of hiding under fat he’s finally coming out to show himself. My hip bone does exist and I can see him again, thanks to the 2 pounds I’ve lost in the past week and a half. There’s even one on the other side, too!! And this is not going to be all, I’m determined to get rid of all of that excess baggage. This will happen, at least I hope so. Jogging started officially this morning and after just 15 minutes I feel great. This week it’s going to stay at 15 minutes a jogging session and may go up to 20 next week, we’ll see how my legs are getting along with the strain. Oh it’s so refreshing to be back in action.
One more thing that showed his face yesterday is this little placemat bag I managed to get finished. It’s more of a summer bag, of course I’m always a season off, but I still like him.
I’m not at all happy with how the zipper gusset turned out but I wasn’t in a rip-out mood yesterday, so it stayed. Now I have to get in gear and work on some Halloween goodies.