Sick update: Those mean bacteria have settled nicely in my lungs not allowing me to breath and leaving me to cough uncontrollably for literally hours at a time. I went to the doctor on Monday and he gave me a killer spray with quite a bit more asthma medicine as my normal spray and cortisone to get rid of those mean monsters that have taken up residency in my lungs.
It’s now Wednesday and I’m not coughing as much which translates to: I’ve started knitting and crafting again. It’s so strange, the whole time I was sick I couldn’t lift a needle to knit. I could only read, which is good because I’ve finished Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and almost done with Annie Modesitt’s Cheaper than Therapy, but also bad because my knitting and sewing has been neglected for over two weeks. We are talking serious withdrawal symptoms! I knew I was feeling better as soon as the urge hit me to start knitting and crafting again, and although I started two days ago, I haven’t much to show for it. My next post should have some goodies to show, I hope.
If anyone can tell me how to make a darn French knot, I would be most appreciative. For some reason every time I pull the thread through the fabric after twisting it on itself, it pulls right out and I’m left without any kind of knot, just a stitch. Hmmm
Speaking of embroidery and because I haven’t shown anything really crafty in the past month, I thought I’d post a picture of two dolls I made for Alida last year.
The girl in the blue dress is a free pattern from Dolly Hugs which is a really cute pattern. I made the dress myself but never got around to making the pattern for it. I wasn’t quite sure about embroidering the face, but I think she turned out really well. The second doll is from the book Kuschelpüppchen für die Kleinen which is in German but I’m sure you can get it in English, too.
One last thing: I’m trying to put together a list for Santa. Alexander recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and after saying I just got my new washing machine, which is essentially my present, he wasn’t too pleased with my answer. Now I’m writing my list and I need your help. I’d like a new knitting book but I don’t know which one to get. I can’t get my hands on any of the good English ones in any stores here, so I’m going through This is where you come in; could you please tell me which knitting book is your favorite of all times or if you could only buy one book, which would it be. Seeing that money is tight, I’m allowing myself only one book and I would love a really good one. Thanks for your help!!! While you’re at it could you sign my Frappr map, too? Check out our Frappr!

Update: I forgot to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! I bought our frozen turkey today so it can dethaw by Saturday. Obviously, it’s not a holiday here, so I have to wait until Saturday to cook and eat our Thanksgiving turkey. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!